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Peter Daams
Co-Founder, Travellerspoint
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I founded Travellerspoint with my brother back in 2002. It's still ticking along and has grown to over 1 million members.

I've also helped build various other travel sites including I Know The Pilot, I Want That Flight and this lovely new incarnation of Travel Massive.

Aside from travelling, I'm also a keen gardener and love spending time outside in the weeds.

January 2015
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  • I'll take a stab at a few predictions. 1. A return to hotels over private accommodation rentals. I'm noticing increasingly more people disgruntled with onerous cleaning requirements and higher costs. On top of that, high rental costs will force govern... show more

  • Tough, but got there eventually. πŸ›°Satle #9 6/6 πŸŸ₯πŸŸ₯πŸŸ₯πŸŸ₯πŸŸ₯🟩 Nice work creating the game :)

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    Satle 5 months ago

  • Awesome, glad you like it! A bit early to have any significant stats. I only really started collecting stats for it yesterday. Today's was clearly tough for people though. Only a 30% success rate. Yesterday's was closer to a 70% success rate. The photo... show more

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    Wherdle 5 months ago

  • I've quite enjoyed the many daily games that have popped up this year and decided I wanted to add my own take on this. I built this game using Svelte in my spare time over the past few weeks. I finally managed to finish it off while stuck in a room is... show more

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    Wherdle 5 months ago

  • Square is probably the next most convenient processor I've used. Don't think it's any cheaper though and the developer experience is just not as good (eg, nothing like Stripe CLI). It's also not quite as well supported internationally (eg, wallet paymen... show more