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Mark Lenahan
Head of Retailing Strategy, Travelport
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Head of Retailing Strategy at Travelport. Specialist in Travel Tech, CX, retailing and loyalty for airlines and other travel companies. Border Collie rescue owner. Sometimes runner.

July 2015
20 events
I've been involved in Travel Massive events already, want to bring an additional technology / distribution view.


  • I looked at my predictions for last year relating to business travel and I think those trends are still going and will take multiple years to play out: More meaningful corporate travel (better planning, longer trips), and the shape of travel changed due... show more

  • I tried it too - very interesting - with VERY little input (I just said blog about visit to dublin, with hotel, attractions, dining) and I got the following as one option: "Dublin was a city that surprised me. I thought it would be similar to Paris, bu... show more

  • Thanks Daniel!

  • The shape of corporate travel will change dramatically in 2022. Trips will be fewer, but stays will be longer, booking windows will increase, even with the recovery of travel to 2019, corporate programs will probably spend less. Here's why... (ALL my ... show more