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Daniel Kinnoch
CEO and Co-Founder, LoungePair
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I'm the CEO and co-founder of LoungePair, a web app that gives travellers access to great offers on airport lounge access, discounted at up to 30% from walk-up rates.

We've been ranked as one of the top 6 airport lounge websites in the world.

Airport lounges love us because we let them fill seats during off-peak, generating new revenue and increasing lifetime customer value by offering first-time users an amazing hospitality experience.

Originally from Australia, but have made a home in Auckland, New Zealand.

January 2017
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  • This is a sweet app! Are you looking to expand outside of these markets in future? I presume your business model is centred around ease + taking a portion of the tax refund for yourselves. How do you intend to market to non-EU residents that are sh... show more

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    ZappTax 1 year ago

  • Hi Nick, what a great platform, particularly for those looking to save money on flights. Our company offer discounted rates on airport lounge access. We could have a conversation around bundling in an offer for your Premium users. Shoot me an email at... show more

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    Manyflights 1 year ago

  • Hi Cheryl - absolutely not, we see airlines as our partners, not competition. They offer day passes or access to elite members, but they often experience the same struggle with filling seats especially out of their hub cities. Our product offers pricin... show more

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    LoungePair 1 year ago

  • The posts above are spot on, and I have to rack my brain to even think of anything to add. I'll touch again on the business vs. leisure travel split, which Mark Lenahan delved into above (must read post). Society is now hooked on Zoom and Microsoft Te... show more

  • This wasn't long enough Mark because your insights are absolutely spot on. Here I was thinking about what to write myself, and you took the words out of my head and put them down very eloquently.