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Shelly Nyqvist
Editor-in-Chief & Travel Coach, Vacayou Wellness Travel
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Allow me to introduce myself: I am an American living in Finland and consider myself a travel, wellness, and people junkie. These days I am head of editorial at Vacayou where our content straddles the intersection between wellness and travel. I am also a certified lifestyle and travel coach fueled by yoga, meditation, coffee, and the occasional sangria.

October 2020
Helsinki, Paris, Scottsdale
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I'd love to be more connected with the local travel community!


  • Congratulations Elaine! Brilliant thought process and strategy to tie sustainability into destination guides.

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    Live More, Travel More 5 months ago

  • Such a discussion — thanks Maria for posting this topic. As an editor, of course, I am curious. Can't wait to comb through this entire thread and comment accordingly.

  • Hi Marjorie! I'm head of editorial for Vacayou Wellness Travel. So, I am chatting with one of my writers tomorrow about possible posts for our online magazine.... one of which is around accessibility and national parks. Perhaps you could be a possible i... show more

  • Hi Andrey.... hopefully someone else in this group can help. I'm not that connected to the startup scene here. Have you considered going to Slush?

  • Ofc I'm away then, too!