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I'm the co-founder of—the Southeast Asia travel planning website online since 2004. Based in Southeast Asai since '97 though hanging around the area since '93. Lived in Bangkok, Phnom Penh, Jakarta and Bali. Also the author of Couchfish.

April 2017
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  • Strong disagree on equating sustainable tourism with higher costs and agree with Ian re the industry embracing new buzzwords more often than I buy new flip flops. Think one of the big issues in this is there is an army of consultants who, dare I say, su... show more

  • Have been watching this space pretty closely over the last year or so and it has improved *a lot* over that period. I do think it depends on the type of travel writing you’re talking about though. For service writing, absolutely it’s days be numbered.... show more

  • I get the concept, but I think the issue remains (as is almost always the case) determining what sustainability is—your labelling is way to non-specific to be actionable and sustainability isn’t a bunch of standalone islands—it is an archipelago. Re t... show more

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    TripDoodler 1 month ago

  • I can’t speak to the specific example of Barcelona, but I can using Bali (where I live) as it, like Barcelona, is a horror story. I think, as a writer, it’s important, vital even, to highlight businesses that value and act on sustainability, as that’s... show more

  • I’m doing the MSc Responsible Tourism Management at Leeds Beckett mentioned by Vicky at the moment. It’s solid. My advice would be it depends on what you’re after. If you’re after more practical, hands on advice, one of the shorter courses may be a be... show more

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