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Stuart McDonald
Head Chef, Travelfish Pty Ltd
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I'm the co-founder of—the Southeast Asia travel planning website online since 2004. Based in Southeast Asai since '97 though hanging around the area since '93. Lived in Bangkok, Phnom Penh, Jakarta and Bali. Also the author of Couchfish.

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  • Sorry I don’t know what you mean. The sort of writing you mention is the sort of thing I think AI will gobble up. Think if that sort of writing is a mainstay of a writer’s income, it won’t be a year from now.

  • I think the museum piece is clearly AI-authored, but, as you say, the product will improve with time. Is it a threat to travel writing? Depends what sort of writing you’re talking about. Service writing, absolutely. Copy that serves no serious purpose o... show more

  • In The Holiday Makers by Jost Krippendorf (one of the early/seminal texts (1970s) that responsible travel built upon), he argues persuasively along the same that Callard used, that one of the main impetus for faraway travel is the wretched work life bal... show more

  • I have a fairly small 22 litre Eiger pack, which is the most common one I take (I have a bigger 35 litre one, but don’t use that much). I don’t pack much—laptop, cables, notebooks and two or three changes of clothes depending on the trip. The bigger one... show more

  • I’d sum it up as “You were born on the island or you weren’t.” Case in point—my two teenagers both have Australian passports, but were born in Indonesia and Thailand, and between them have spent perhaps six months in Oz, versus the vast majority of the... show more

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