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I'm the co-founder of—the Southeast Asia travel planning website online since 2004. Based in Southeast Asai since '97 though hanging around the area since '93. Lived in Bangkok, Phnom Penh, Jakarta and Bali. Also the author of Couchfish.

April 2017
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  • Traditionally front was history, culture, society, lingo etcetera while the back of the book was logistics, visas and so on. In between was the meat of the guide. This has changed a bit over time, with them adding more itineraries etc to the front bit. ... show more

  • Offbeat Guides, Flash from the past! Another one was Wikitravel Press by Jani Patokallio, but the site, like Offbeat Guides, seems to be dead. There’s still a few travel sites around doing PDFs etc, we’ve done them for 15+ years, 100k downloads or so, b... show more

  • Welcome. It’s a very interesting read. Should have come out twenty years ago!

  • “We have delayed action for too long, and as a result, our options have narrowed. This assessment should act both as wakeup call and motivation to act. There is huge opportunity for travel and tourism in a decarbonising world, but we must act with urgen... show more

  • Hi, sorry for late reply, sure happy to chat, drop me an email at and can take it from there. Cheers

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