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Kelly Picarazzi
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Founder of Silver Compass Tours, established 2014. Rebranded to Antica Travel Co. in 2022 in partnership with Paolo Picarazzi. We also run Antica Australis together, a Ciociarian locanda in regional New South Wales, Australia.

Focusing on our off-the-beaten track Wild Heart of Italy food & wine cultural experiences to the 'hidden' regions of Ciociaria and Molise in central Italy.

We take foodie explorers and cultural adventurers to the undiscovered regions of Ciociaria & Molise for immersion in the food heritage of local shepherds and indigenous wines and a glimpse into the ancient origins of the original Italic tribes who were subsumed into the Roman empire circa 300 BC.

Our tour experiences are actually time-travel capsules brought to life through sharing food, wine, storytelling and personal connections. Hosted by Paolo & Kelly Picarazzi - Paolo is a native of the Ciociaria region and understands all the dialects of each village.

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