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Jessica Opoku-Amoah
Travel & Educational Consultant, Virtual Nomads

My name is Jessica Opoku-Amoah and I am a Travel & Educational Consultant. I specialize in romance & educational travel to West Africa. Plus, I dabble on Youtube with travel vlogs.

I am born and raised in Toronto which means I am cool, calm and bold with my aspirations. I am an innovator in re-defining experiences through active listening and support. Although, I am currently based in Accra, Ghana, my goal is to explore of West African tourism.

My passion to join the travel industry came when friends and family trusted my expertise and experience in planning their next trip. Therefore, let's collaborate on affinity programs and partnerships that will provide our audience, unique adventures.

Check me on Youtube for more information. @VirtualNomads

March 2015
17 events
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Learning how to be independent through travel content.

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Street knowledge BABY!

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  • My favourite dish is Jollof Rice. Jollof Rice is originally from the Senegal /Gambia Region but it has different varieties throughout West Africa. Since I am biased, my favourite is Ghanaian Jollof Rice.

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