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Idan Dahan
Co- Founder, Maslol
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About me

My name is Idan Dahan, the CEO and founder of MASLOL. With extensive experience in providing services to startups, private initiatives, and investment funds, I bring a wealth of knowledge and a passion for entrepreneurship. As an experienced independent traveler, I dreamed of creating a platform that allows for the crafting of self-guided tours and recommendation maps by professional tour guides, travel planners, and travel agencies. This is to offer a tailored and personal service to travelers who wish to experience the world in their unique way, on their time, and at their pace.


  • We're not SMART GUIDE; we're Maslol. We have a system that lets you create your own self-guided tours. You can add various multimedia, design, and brand your tour as shown in this example: The tour... show more

  • Hello, nice to meet you! I'm Idan from Maslol. Our platform supports tour guides, travel content creators, and digital nomads in creating digital tours or smart maps tailored for independent travelers (FIT). Additionally, our system enables the use of t... show more

  • I previously developed an app for self-guided tours but realized that tourism companies and bloggers need a white-label interface that works as a web app. An app complicates usage and lowers sales conversion rates. At Maslol, you can create your self-g... show more

  • Bad Wifi, internet connection while traveling... this issue has been a problem in the travel industry for decades! I'd love to hear from the community: 1. How do you tackle this issue? 2. How do you ensure your content remains exclusive to your clie... show more

  • Hi Ian, Thanks for your comment. I will explain. Maslol is a software that allows any travel business to create a digital tour or smart map for his travelers. The creation is web-based and not application and that means you can send a direct link of y... show more

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