A place to visit, such as an art gallery or restaurant.

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Kõpu Lighthouse

One of the world's oldest lighthouses in Estonia
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Hiiumaa Eiffel Tower Park

A handmade wooden replica of France's famous tower, in Estonia
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Museum of Jellyfish

A colourful museum of jellyfish in Kiev, Ukraine

What's the most random place you've visited?

A discussion about interesting and quirky places
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Sun and Co. Coliving Coworking

Coliving and coworking community on the Mediterranean coast of Spain
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Trakai Island Castle

A 14th century castle located in the middle of a lake in Lithuania
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Tarakanivskyy Fortress

Abandoned fortress in the middle of a forest in Ukraine
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Abandoned Soviet Summer Camp

A Soviet Young Pioneer Camp in Spitak, Armenia
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Coffice Prague

Because coworking is not just about sitting behind the computer
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The Principality Of Sealand

Is this the smallest country in the world?