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October 2020
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  • Excited for you! Bonaire is amazing. I'm headed back there next week. I covered a TON of this best-for-shore-diving-island on my youtube channel but one thing not to miss: Kite City food truck! super tasty.

  • Ooooh I chase an endless summer around the world. But oddly... it's not the Maldives, it's not hawaii, it's not (fill in the blank with a million islands I went to last year)... it's Manhattan. lol.

  • Ooooh this past year has been a big year in drones for me. But I shifted to try to take on the hardest drone to fly (the first person view or "FPV" drone). WOOOO.. a LOT of dramamine later... I still get VERY sick every time I fly. But it's fun.

  • I loove using Navi Savi!

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    NaviSavi 10 months ago

  • Ooh interesting! I'll have to check this out!!

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    Travel Creators 10 months ago

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