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Josh Rachlis
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I'm a travel vlogger. For 25 years, I was an award-winning Senior Copywriter, shooting commercials around the world. I've now left my job and sold my condo, so I can travel all the time and make videos about my adventures. As a stand-up comedian, I bring a hilarious perspective to my travels. Imagine Larry David or Conan O'Brien posting daily travels in their Instagram Story.

Other ways I'm known: I interview celebrities on red carpets. I went viral for my love song for the Green Party leader. I starred on reality dating cooking show Come Date With Me Canada. I wrote an award-winning romantic comedy screenplay. I was the voice of Dan The Chameleon in a commercial for Hubba Bubba. I made a short film where I play a towel who falls in love with a girl and writes her a love song. I've run for Canadian and Ontario Parliament and Mayor of Toronto.

July 2020
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I'm a travel vlogger. I love interviewing hotels, restaurants, shops - Any businesses I come across. And I love to give my funny perspective on my adventures, to make my audience laugh.