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Curacao & Bonaire Travel Recommendations
Looking for tips for the Caribbean islands
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24 days ago

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Co-Founder, Food and Drink Destinations

We are making our first trip to Curacao and Bonaire islands in the Caribbean and are looking for tips and recommendations on what and where to eat in drink.

This includes restaurants, food trucks, food tours, distilleries, breweries, basically anywhere.

Any and all tips are greatly appreciated.

Many thanks!

23 days ago (edited)
Travel Blogger, Scuba Hank NYC

In Curacao - If you like Jazz check out the Miles Jazz Cafe... (not sure if it make it through covid.) If you up for scuba diving check out the Scuba Lodge or Dive Bus. In Bonaire - There is one bbq truck... Locals will know their schedule as they don't operate daily.

23 days ago
Tour guide with taxi license., Tx65

Hi Eric,

Curaçao although its small population, is a very deversified community that you will find back in it's own extended cuisine and in spesialized options like Surnamese and Indonesian (not common in the region), fine French and other international options.

Food Trucks:
Operate after 8pm. That is where night-outs finishes.

Food Tours:
Not many options, but there are a couple of providers.

1. Curaçao Liq. Factory: home of the original Blue Curaçao.
2. There is one beer destilery: Montana
Tip: Neto Bar for a family brewed "green rum".

This is my first post on this platform. Not sure if I can supply my contact info. But if permitted I will.

Henry Plaate.

23 days ago
Travel creator

Excited for you! Bonaire is amazing. I'm headed back there next week. I covered a TON of this best-for-shore-diving-island on my youtube channel but one thing not to miss: Kite City food truck! super tasty.

20 days ago
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