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Tulum Travel Tips A vlog about things I wish I knew before visiting Tulum, Mexico

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This video is for someone who's seen the pretty pictures of Tulum on instagram and is curious about traveling there. People always ask me in instagram direct messages: WHERE ARE THE ALL INCLUSIVE RESORTS IN TULUM?! And that's NOT what Tulum is... it's not Cancun or Playa (it's something more special)!

I did my research and I knew it was the jungle. I knew it would be a different experience, but I put together this list to help others travel there - these are the things I WISH I KNEW despite all the research I did.

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Founder, Travel Massive

Hey Christine, thanks for sharing your vlog and tips with the Travel Massive community. It sounds like Talum needs better planning to accommodate tourism? What are the reasons that kept you there? Is Talum an example of overtourism?

2 years ago (edited)
Travel creator

This is a GREAT question Ian. It's a small (off the grid) spot that has BLOWN up over the past few years and a lot of insta-travel has driven tons of people there (before it's ready to accommodate the volume). It's catching up and there is a ton of construction.

For me, Tulum is a place of adventure and really beautiful sites. Exploring the cenotes for example (especially while scuba diving).. is FIRE! 🔥

2 years ago
Content Creator, Adventures with Rach

Super interesting video. I've sent you a subscribe and let me just say your content has got me really pumped about travelling again! ✨

2 years ago
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