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Will Tang
⭐️ Community Leader • 🤘 Rockstar • Chief of Awesome, Co-organizer of Toronto Travel Massive, Going Awesome Places

Hey guys my name is Will Tang and I'm one of the co-organizers of Toronto Travel Massive. With a passion for travel, blogging and helping others, being part of the #TravelMassive team was only natural.

From the blogging side of things I started in 2012 after I quit my job in consulting and I've been going full-tilt with it ever since. Going Awesome Places has been an incredible ride where I've come a long way since I first bought my domain. To make things interesting, I started Travel Blog Breakthrough last year as a way to help other travel bloggers succeed. Make sure you check out my podcast there and the plethora of tips and tricks to help you reach your breakthrough point.


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Map Your City

A map to share and explore insider tips, events, and places

What languages do you speak?

A discussion thread about spoken languages
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Connecting travelers with aid organizations
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Toronto Travel Massive

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