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April 2021
A Global Video Community

NaviSavi is a global community built on trust and positivity, where travelers and businesses share honest experiences through unedited, verified video clips.

We are short-form video based travel discovery & itinerary building platform that showcases, honest, organized, and accurate UGC content for travel planning and booking.

Users can browse destinations, filter by tags, watch other travelers experiences, build an itinerary & book their next trip. All in seconds. Travelers can upload their travel clips for more trips with our rewards program.

Travel companies can accurately pinpoint their audience, license content from users, and build trust between consumers & their businesses by showing true, user experiences.

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6 months ago
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2 Reviews 5/5

Great idea! A travel app that is a bit more honest; I've been looking for something like this for ages.

20 days ago
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