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Emma Collins
Co-founder, TripMapper

Hey, I’m Emma, co-founder of TripMapper, a new travel planning & budgeting platform.

I moved from the familiarity of the legal world to fulfil a dream - combining my passions of travel & tech.

TripMapper is different - a beautiful kanban style layout, granular trip budgeting & customisable itineraries to give you a starting point or a little inspiration.

Check out for an amazing desktop experience or download TripMapper on iOS & Android.

October 2021
London, U.K.
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  • Super! Thanks Matthew!

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    London Travel Massive 4 months ago

  • Hey Alex, I'd be happy to give feedback for the new story. Emma

  • Hey All, My standup report: 1) Company: TripMapper 2) Description: Travel planning and budgeting web and mobile app 3) Goals of the week: * Finalise designs for the new flight details feature for TripMapper * Continue building our new product, TripMa... show more

  • 1) Homepage: I really like the new homepage layout Ian! A few thoughts: - I agree with Alex about the idea of potentially including more social proof in the hero area. - I love the fact you only need an email address to sign up. You could perhaps con... show more

  • It was quite some time ago you posted this Nick, but I completely agree!

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    London Travel Massive 4 months ago