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Jared Alster
⭐️ Community Leader • 🤘 Rockstar • Co-founder/CSO, Dune7

I am a marketing executive with a 15+ year career working with Fortune 500’s and SMB’s in travel and tech.

I entered the travel industry as Director of Marketing at Intrepid Travel, the world’s largest adventure tour operator. After nearly five years at Intrepid, I moved on to co-found StrideTravel, a venture-backed, San Francisco-based metasearch site for multi-day tours, where I'm now an advisor.

Upon returning to New York, I opened the east coast office for luxury travel pioneer Cox & Kings, where I was Vice President of Marketing.

Before starting Dune7, I was VP Marketing at Rodo – a mobile-first car leasing platform backed by IAC.

Lover of outdoor adventure - cycling, hiking, mountaineering. Proud husband and father of two boys.

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