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πŸ‘‹ A discussion thread to introduce yourself
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Content & Community Manager, Travel Massive

We've had a lot of new members join in recent months, so we're starting this thread to introduce ourselves!

🌍 Where in the world are you located?
πŸ’» What do you do for a living?
🌴 What kind of travel do you want to learn more about?

8 months ago (edited)
Marketing Manager, Virtually Visiting

Hi, Im Gwen! Im a South African from JHB living in the UK
I am Marketing Manager at Virtually Visiting and run a Marketing and Advertising company with many clients in the Travel sector.
I am keen to learn more about travel that empowers locals! Virtual Travel is of course an interest too

8 months ago
Founder, Travel Massive

Hey everyone!

🌍 I'm based in Tasmania for the past 2 years.

πŸ’» I helped create Travel Massive alongside hundreds of fellow travel addicts in cities around the world. I'm a software developer and help maintain the Travel Massive platform (that you're using right now) and work with @maria-stoyanova on growing and keeping this amazing community running.

🌴 I'm always interested in African destinations and hope to visit this year!

8 months ago (edited)
Media & Communications Manager, Deneb


It's a pleasure to e-connect with you all!

🌍 I'm based in Germany.

πŸ’» I work as a Media & Communications Manager at DENEB (, a travel and event design agency at the intersection of adventure, culture, and wellness tourism.

🌴 Being a passionate cyclist and loving to spend time in deep nature, I'd love to learn more about interesting biking and hiking tours in Europe.

8 months ago
Content & Community Manager, Travel Massive

Hello everyone.

🌍 I'm based in Bansko, Bulgaria - a huge digital nomad hub with 100+ remote workers from all over the world.

I've travelled a lot in the years before the pandemic but I'm happy to stay put in one place now and call Bansko my home. Does somebody else feel the same?

πŸ’» I'm help with content and community management on Travel Massive, and I love it!

I'm also a travel blogger at

I help with the PR & Media for Bansko Nomad Fest 2022 - a digital nomad conference where 500+ nomads will meet up for a week in Bansko this June/July (

I have a PhD in Tourism Economics and I love learning everything about our industry and meeting people working in travel which is why Travel Massive is the best place for me.

🌴 I'm really into snowboarding in the past 2 years so I'd love to learn more about action sports and adventure travel - I love what are doing! Anyone else into snowboarding or other action sports?

8 months ago (edited)
Digital Marketing + Strategy, Go Squab

Hi everyone, I'm Anne (she/her) πŸ‘‹

🌍 I'm currently located in Victoria, BC though heading back to Mexico soon, where I spent most of the pandemic. Then France for the summer where my partner and I have a house sit lined up. Pre-pandemic we travelled full time, so any base is temporary, really.

πŸ’» My partner and I run a marketing consultancy working in SEO, SEM and paid social.

🌴 For me, so much of travel is planned around food and culture. I'm always keen to hear about unique local dishes, festivals, galleries, and so on.

I'm also very happy to be outdoors and love hearing about great hikes. As an avid paddleboarder, I'm also in the early stages of planning an summer river SUP trip. 🀞

8 months ago
Travel & Tourism Journalist | Greek Culture & Travel Expert | Founder & Storyteller @ | Writes for @gtpgr,

Greetings to everyone from Athens, Greece. I'm Maria and I am a travel writer and content creator. I run - my own blog dedicated to Greece travel, culture and heritage. I also write about travel and tourism daily for GTPHeadlines, a local news site, and about interesting travel tales for the likes of Fodor's and other publications.
I really appreciate Travel Massive because it keeps you in touch with the people of travel, the trends and the news.
The pandemic really took a toll on travel writers - all of a sudden we were stuck at home. But as always, changing times call for changing ideas... so I explored not only Athens but I also did some 'traveling' inside. Welcome to all and let's hope for better easier days.

8 months ago
Content strategy, I freelance

Hi! I'm Ayshwarya (Call me Ash, if you find too many syllables in my name!)

🌍 Currently, I live in Mumbai, India β€” my hometown. Before the pandemic, I lived in Florianopolis, Brazil and kept traveling through southern South America β€” mostly Argentina and Uruguay.

πŸ’» I simplify tech jargon to help tech companies build a strong digital presence. I also translate digital content (Portuguese - English & Spanish - English).

🌴 I want to understand how travel has changed since the pandemic, and how to get back on the road (back to my nomadic lifestyle) in a super uncertain world of health emergencies and wars. I'm a slow traveler and I love exploring new cultures, meeting new people, but in a world where things could change any moment, I don't feel confident or well-equipped to travel the way I used to.

Destinations I'm looking at: Northern and eastern Europe & the Pacific islands

Super happy to be here and see so many interesting posts + projects (Airheart being my most recent discovery β€” love it!)

8 months ago (edited)
Lifecycle Marketing, Lonely Planet

Hi everyone! It's so lovely to meet y'all

🌎 I'm from Seattle in the US but I'm a full-time digital nomad, traveling for the last 5ish years. Currently in South America this year, in Chile this month

πŸ’»I've worked in the travel industry for the last 5+ years. Currently a lifecycle marketing manager at Lonely Planet. My expertise is in email marketing and newsletters. As employee #7 at Scott's Cheap Flights, I grew their email list from 200K to 2M+ subscribers.
For fun, I have my own newsletter where I help novice travelers learn how to travel better. I also love craft beer, hiking, dancing and great food!

🌴 I'm currently diving into learning more about beginner travelers, the average person on holiday, and travel trends

Let's connect! Cheers!

8 months ago
Content Manager, Otolo

Hi, I'm Audrey!

🌍 I'm based in London since 2019, was in Leeds before (since 2017), and before that in Los Angeles, and originally I was born in Paris and grew up in Normandy.

πŸ’» I'm a Content Manager at Otolo - we're building the LinkedIn of Hospitality with mentoring and courses, to help reboot the industry! We offer free courses - - and we won a Β£3.8m two-year programme to help companies with staff recruitment and retention challenges.

I've been working in digital for a few years, with expertise in copywriting, SEO, PR, social media and translation.

I've graduated with a Master's in Travel Marketing and my first job was in a Virtuoso agency in L.A. I then moved to the U.K. to learn all things digital - which has been my job for the past five years.

I've worked in travel companies, edtech, growth, media, tech, sustainability and now I'm super happy to be back in the hospitality world!

During the pandemic, I survived thanks to freelance, so I kept on achieving content missions while drawing illustrations for people, magazines, etc. I'm also a runner and a cartoonist in my free time, blogging about French and English idioms:

🌴 Anything related to travel and tech will catch my eye. Tech is powerful and helps build great travel experiences, with little effort. I'd like to learn more about AI and data in travel, specifically.

8 months ago (edited)
Freelance tour guide and travel consultant and travel blogger.

🌍 I'm partly based in Denmark, but on the move most of the year, both for work and fun. I have lived nomadic for more than 30 years and is only in Denmark right now, due to my fathers declining health.

πŸ’» I'm a freelance tour leader, Taking tour groups around the world. I'm a keen hiker and tour cyclist, so quite a few of the trips I do for work is with hiking or cycling groups.
I have worked in 40 countries over the years, on 5 continents.
Portugal is the country where I have worked the most, having been there more than 100 times over the years.
On top of my tour leading I also have a little side income from public speaking and from my blog.

🌴 I'm a keen hiker and tour cyclist. Always looking for new destinations. But also returning to places that I have fallen in love with. I much prefer to travel with my bicycle, as I avoid the hustlers at train and bus stations that way. And moving around 100 kilometers a day, while getting fit suits my temper.

I'm quite extroverted and love to connect with people from all over the world and potentially meet up, as we move around the globe.

8 months ago
Founder & Content Creator, Live More, Travel More

Hello everyone!

🌍 I'm from Sao Paulo, Brazil. I can say that I am based in Santo André city but I'm often traveling, right now I am writing from Itacaré, Bahia.

πŸ’» I am a travel blogger and writer focused on Responsible Travel. I started Live More, Travel More back in 2014 but it has been 4 years since this became my full time job. My purpose of life is to encourage people to value more their life experiences, after all, living is very different from surviving, don't you think?
I am also a freelance writer for Skyscanner Brazil =)

🌴 I would love to see more responsible tourism initiatives from people, businesses and destinations around the globe.

8 months ago
Aspiring travel writer


The names Emmanuel or Eman for short, Born and raised in Ohio but am currently living and working in Provincetown Massachusetts, I was wondering if anyone could help me get into the business of Travel writing as a complete beginner? What skills are required in order to make this dream happen, is it doable or fantasy to be able to make a full-time income writing and traveling to exotic places, let me know! Am open to learning a new life-changing skill but don't know how to start.

8 months ago
Editor-in-Chief & Travel Coach, Vacayou Wellness Travel

🌍 Hi all, Shelly hereβ€”an American living in Helsinki, Finland.
πŸ’» I am head of editorial for Vacayou Wellness Travelβ€”a booking platform and community for wellness travel.
🌴 I created a life where I can work from anywhere and everywhere. On my travel bucket list is Asiaβ€”Vietnam and Cambodia.

8 months ago
CEO, Sampan Travel

Hi everyone,

My name is Bertie.

🌍 I am based in Yangon, Myanmar. I have been here fore the last 7 years. Hoping to spend more time up in the hills on Shan State in the future, perhaps Kalaw.

πŸ’» I am the CEO of Sampan Travel. We - in more normal times - create tailor-made journeys through Myanmar. We have hosted some virtual tours since the start of COVID. We are looking to do more of these in the future.

🌴 I am interested to learn more about `positive impact` travel. Many of us may wish to conduct responsible travel, and many of us do. But how do we measure the impact of that travel on host communities?

Looking forward to spending more time on Travel Massive in the future.

8 months ago
co-Founder, M2adventure

Hi everyone,
This is Miller from Shanghai, China :)

Me and My wife Mariane (from France) spent most of our time the last 8 years built the outdoor traveling community & agency M2adventure to help expats in China to discover hidden places and explore this beautiful nation in a unique way.
We are also trying to apply sustainable traveling practice to our trips by benefiting the local community and reducing negative environment impact brought by the tourists.

We are specialising hiking trips around Shanghai, and Tibet, Xinjiang, inner Mongolia trips! Nowadays, we also do tailor made personalized bespoke trips.
The last 2 years pandemic has brought many challenges to us, and hopefully we will be able to travel internationally relatively soon if not the immediate near future ;P

So looking forward to make more connections and friends through Travel Massive, would love to learn more from ppl who have different experiences and expertise in traveling industry.

8 months ago
Food Writer. Food Marketer. Travel Enthusiast., Philly Grub Trips

I'm glad to be here!

🌍 Southern New Jersey (just outside of Philadelphia).
πŸ’» Digital Marketing Manager by day, food/travel blogger/writer by night. ( and
🌴 Food travel (traveling to destinations specifically for food).

7 months ago (edited)
Blogger, Catherine's Cultural Wednesdays


🌎 I’m Catherine from London
πŸ’» I blog about arts, culture and travel at Catherine’s Cultural Wednesdays. My children have just headed off to university somI’m pivoting from travel with teens to empty nest travel.
🏰 Always love to hear about great art and architecture, love a UNESCO site and really like bike rides and hikes that are for pleasure rather than endurance

8 months ago

Hey everyone! Or we'd say "Wah Gwaan?" in my country's local dialect.
🌍 I'm in Kingston, Jamaica
πŸ’» By day I work in Development Projects, by night, I'm planning/dreaming about my next trip! I'm a self-certified staycationer and I've started documenting my trips at
🌴 I'm definitely interested in sustainable/eco tourism and what impact that's really having on the global landscape.

7 months ago (edited)
Content & Community Manager, Travel Massive

Hey Ashley, welcome to the community! I've never been to Jamaica, I'm a bit far away. I followed you on Instagram and I can't wait to learn more about your home :)

7 months ago

Hi Maria! I'm so glad to have discovered this community! Thank you for the welcome. The photos on your blog had me hooked! Europe is even more beautiful than I sometimes imagine it to be. If you ever decide to take a trip to this side of the world, I hope you'll consider Jamaica :)

7 months ago
Co-founder, TripMapper

Hey everyone!

🌍 I'm based in London, UK.

πŸ’» I moved from the familiarity of the legal world to fulfil a dream - combining my passions of travel & tech. I’m co-founder of TripMapper, a new travel planning & budgeting platform. TripMapper is a bootstrapped start-up (co-founded with my husband) so it was a huge leap of faith, but I'm absolutely loving it!

🌴 Like many of you, which is super to read, I too am interested to learn more about travelling responsibly, both personally and as a business owner.

Next trip: Hitting the road tomorrow to spend a week exploring the breathtakingly beautiful Scottish Highlands 🏴󠁧󠁒󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿. Hiking boots and camera at the ready!

It is great to be part of the Travel Massive community – thanks for having me!

7 months ago

Hi Emma! I just checked out your website and I think it'll be a real game-changer. It's an organiser's dream! I may have even squealed a little internally. I especially like the blog component which complements the app. If you ever need content for Jamaica, look no further, I'm your local go-to girl!

7 months ago
Co-founder, TripMapper

Hey Ashley!

Thanks so much for your very kind message - it brought a smile to my face!

We do plan to post more blogs this year, so that's great to know, thank you. πŸ‡―πŸ‡²

7 months ago
Travel Blogger & Video Creator, World Culture Network/ Awara Diaries

Hi! I am Parampara, an Indian girl in Vienna, Austria. I've been blogging about my travels on my blog ( for the last 6 years. Have also been experimenting with video content (
I am a Digital Marketer & Content Writer by profession, hoping to turn into a full time blogger this year.
I am currently pursuing my MSc in Sustainable Development, Management and Policy. And I hope to shift my travel focus to more sustainable and slow travel driven by learning experiences, local flavors and cultural nuances. I'd love to meet like minded people, collaborate and explore newer horizons through travel, blogging and experiences.

7 months ago

Hola! I'm Dan Nevill -- an avid adventurist currently roaming the U.S. west coast in a camper. I've been in the travel industry for over 30+ years and hope to rejoin soon in a role that connects my love of the outdoors with Sales and Marketing. I believe in doing all we can to prevent the earth from crossing the line in the sand re warming. Follow me on Instagram @lamblukas

6 months ago
Director, I Am Cape Town

Hi I'm Fuad Peters, community leader for Cape Town Travel Massive, located in Hout Bay, Cape Town, South Africa.

I own and run I AM CAPE TOWN (

I am a freelance consultant doing tourism development and marketing and I also manage social media channels on behalf of businesses example Chapman's Peak Drive ( in my hometown as an iconic attraction and experience that just turned 100 years old and then also Karbonkelberg Tourism ( that is expanding their hiking business into an adventure business.

A lot of what I do stems back to responsible and sustainable travel and especially after the craziness the world has gone through it was a need to see our impact on the world and make it more manageable in terms of finding the kind of info and data we need to see how we can be more impactful in a responsible way. I also have the interest to develop myself and my business more from a digital perspective.

6 months ago
Writer, Travel/Food Blogger, FindingFoodFluency

Hello everyone,

Good to e-meet you!

I'm Jonathan, of the food site and travel news and attractions site I've also gotten into making food videos on YouTube, albeit years too late:

Having been a serial expat (originally from the U.S.), I'm looking again to stay abroad long-term, preferably in Mexico, Saudi Arabia, Eastern Europe, or East Asia.

If you ever have questions about expat life, or planning food-focused trips to the above regions or the U.S., or need some basic lessons in Spanish, Indonesian, Chinese, and Japanese, let's try to work something out!


6 months ago