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Charles Shima
Founder/CEO, ZaNiheza
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Hello ๐Ÿคฉ
My name is Shima Charles Kishi. I am the Founder of ZaNiheza - a digital travel mall for immersive experiences.

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I am passionate about travel & I would love to connect with like minded people


  • Hi Matt Great app! We should chat more. I will send you a message on WhatsApp.

  • We need to chat! I would like to have your experiences on our platform.

  • In 1997 at age 19, I arrived in Kenya from DRC. Back then, Lingala music was all the rage. I arrived in Nairobi, a Francophone. I did speak English. A year later, I left Nairobi fluent in English, and a fan of chips/sausage. I have fond memories of Keny... show more

  • Niaje Florence! Thank you for the welcome. I am in the planning stage and I need assistance for a successful execution. I put together a website. Kindly take a look and let me know.

  • Greetings My name is Charles Shima. I am a founder of ZaNiheza. I plan to visit Nairobi this November and hold a roundtable on travel tech.