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Charles Shima
Founder/CEO, ZaNiheza
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Hello 🤩
My name is Shima Charles Kishi. I am the Founder of ZaNiheza - a digital travel mall for immersive experiences.

December 2021
I am passionate about travel & I would love to connect with like minded people


  • Hello everyone 😄 While I don't live in Capetown, I am a founder of ZaNiheza- a digital travel mall for Immersive experiences in Africa. Cape Town is one of our destination. I am looking for awesome experiences to add on our platform. Thank you.

  • 1. I am on it. 2. This is helpful. I see what Neil meant. I will fix it. 3. This is good to know. The information is there. For example: I will make is easier to find. The Iron Ore is a beautiful ex... show more

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    ZaNiheza 1 month ago

  • I love vending machines in Japan. One would say that I am addicted. It's amazing what one finds in vending machines over there: -Fries -Fruits -Clothes -Alcoholic drinks -Cigarettes -Warn drinks (my favorite is coffee) and much more. They are also upgra... show more

  • Hi, I am Charles Shima I am located in Vancouver, Canada and Kigali, Rwanda ( I am the Founder/CEO/Chief Storyteller of @ZaNiheza - a digital mall for an immersive experience. In 2018, I made a decision to visit Rwanda where I gr... show more

  • Hello Ian! It's a pleasure to meet you here on the platform. For any destinations in Africa, I got you.