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Rebecca Thomas
Founder, writer and editor, Community Back Pocket

Founder, writer and editor @ Community Back Pocket

A responsible travel blog educating travellers on spending local and minimising 'tourism leakage'

Community Back Pocket encourages travellers to think beyond obvious global conglomerated. Through my travels, I've observed how tourism leakage impacts host communities. By being more conscious and responsible travellers we can minimise tourism leakage.

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Established in 1994, we provide women with the confidence to take the first step
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Working Without Borders

Coworking retreats for families with cultural programs for kids
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Guess the mystery country, every day
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A social enterprise that empowers people with disability to participate in mainstream tourism
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Paradise Ride

An epic card game to relive your wildest travel tales
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Room Steals

Book wholesale rates at hotels worldwide
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The Work From Anywhere Team

Helping solve tax complexity in a Work From Anywhere world
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Travel Kollekt

Create personal, beautiful & functional travel books
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World Views

Discover travel blogs, vlogs & podcasts about any country
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City exploration games created by local storytellers
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Unearthed Retreats

Retreat experiences across Australia and New Zealand
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Collaborative platform for impact-minded travellers 🌎🌿
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Border entry requirements and realtime travel alerts
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Map Your City

A map to share and explore insider tips, events, and places
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Create and launch your own travel marketplace
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Get access to airport lounges worldwide
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Connecting travelers with aid organizations
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Plan your next trip with your best friends
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Nomad Stays

Accommodation for digital nomads & remote workers
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I like local

Authentic experiences with locals in Asia and Africa

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