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Jonathan DeLise
Writer, Travel/Food Blogger, FindingFoodFluency

Although I am originally from and currently based in NYC, I've also lived in various cities -- Orizaba (Mexico), Jakarta, Tokyo, Jeddah, Hong Kong, and Shenzhen -- for a bit over four years.

Indeed, language study is one of my hobbies, and a pivotal reason for this is to decipher menus. Fluent Eater, that title fits me to a tee.

Since 2020, I have been authoring a quirky travel site called, and since last year, a culinary travel site called; FindingFoodFluency video offshoot can be found here: Please let me know what you think!

I am also open to freelance and/or full-time opportunities, and can give travel lessons in Spanish, Indonesian, Chinese, and Japanese.

January 2015
United States
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  • Dare I mention "The Travel Addict," a podcast by a British fellow by the name of Malcolm Teasdale? I happened to be his most recent guest: show more

  • Hmm, although I've only been once, I'd have to say Shikoku (Japan) is something else. It's the home of yuzu, some dramatic seascapes, and one of the weirdest weeks in my life.

  • Oh, it was something else. I believe there are start-up food companies in Washington (the U.S. state) doing salmon jerky, too.

  • Hello everyone, Good to e-meet you! I'm Jonathan, of the food site and travel news and attractions site I've also gotten into making food videos on YouTube, albeit years too la... show more

  • Wordpress; have been using it for 10+ years, although customer service is dicey.

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