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Marilyn Johnson
Food Writer. Food Marketer. Travel Enthusiast., Philly Grub Trips
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Marilyn Johnson is a part-time, freelance food and travel writer based outside of Philadelphia. I travel for pleasure and love to explore the food scenes of the locations I travel to. It is a way for me to truly support the local economy while getting to know the customs, traditions, and culture of the areas I travel to. I love meeting people and hearing their unique stories. I love to amplify those stories through my writing.

April 2021
Philadelphia, PA
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Because I'm a food and travel writer and I think I can get a lot of value out of this community. I'm looking to learn, connect, and to be an advocate for food travel.


  • I tried and wasn't impressed. What are some others out there? Just curious. I don't plan on using AI because I do a lot of "first-person" writing, but it could help in some of my service-related pieces. Thanks!

  • Hey guys, I just wanted to share that I learned about some of Philly's HUGE plans between 2024 and 2026 at yesterday's Philly Tourism Symposium. Many events and celebrations will take place in advance of America's 250th Birthday and the World Cup. Phill... show more

  • This is great. I'm not ready for paid travel/writing opportunities yet, but I hope to get to that point one day. Bookmarking!

  • Update: I'm now adding public speaking to my repertoire! I will speak at the Philly Tourism Symposium in November about why people should travel to Philadelphia for the food scene and what they should eat! show more

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    Philly Grub 8 months ago

  • Yes, it sure is! So much good food!

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    Philly Grub 9 months ago