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Ouma Oluoko Joseph
CEO, Oluokos Signature

Oluoko has over 12 years of experience as a professional expeditions guide. He also has extensive experience in the travel industry from being an around east Africa traveler while managing several companies in the past years.

He was frustrated from spending too much time on paperwork and admin, and less time out on expeditions, so in the year 2013 he founded Oluokos Signature Ltd an independent sustainable tour company.

Now, Oluoko is fully dedicated to providing the best online booking solutions for tours and activities operators at Oluokos Signature Ltd; he is the brains of several websites that he has developed in east Africa.
Outside office hours Oluoko is a true activity addict – mountain, biking, bird watching, sky watching, swimming, cultural and local communities - just to name a few.


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