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Joel Chevaillier
🤘 Rockstar • General director, Global Convoy

Through seasonal work and good friends I have had the pleasure to work around the world. Born and raised in California, I have had the pleasure of working in some amazing places from Yosemite National Park, to sailing around St. John in the Caribbean.

Living in Bansko Bulgaria, I am a co-founder of the Global Convoy, an alternative travel group that encourages sustainable group travel. Our first trip was a circumnavigation of the world and since then we have focused on smaller trips that include everyone. In 2018 we released a documentary about the adventure on Amazon Prime simply called Global Convoy. I since then I have focused on Audio engineering and Voice acting as well and public speaking. I produce, edit and voice both The Travel Massive weekly updates podcast and Global Conversation podcast. As a motivational speaker, I hope to continue to share our story and inspire others.

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    Scrubba Washbag

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    Light Pollution Map

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    Scottish Tourism Leadership Programme

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    Virtual Russian Home Cooking Experience

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    What are your travel predictions for 2022?

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    Developing Self-Guided Tours

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    Things To Do In Vienna

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    The happiest town in South Africa

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    Mount Nemrut

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    The Blue Eye

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    Paradise Ride

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    Global Convoy

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    What's your favourite food from around the world?

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    Drive & Listen

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    Where will you be celebrating the New Year?

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    Guess Where Trips

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