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Kyle Kroeger
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A modern travel blog to help you travel the world. We provide the best travel tips, itineraries and hacks to help you see more of the world for less out of your pocket.

August 2019
I want to connect with people across the world and help them travel.


  • Great question, it’s always an interesting one because there’s so much internet out there for all of us. I’ve seen people all kinds of strategies. I run a travel blog ( We mainly focus on SEO which drives 80% of our traffic. ... show more

  • Would love for everyone to check out the platform and give us some feedback. You can use the "Where" and "When" header sections to access the calculator. Cheers!

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  • Thanks, yeah I can't wait to go back and check out some of the hidden gems. I had never been so wanted to check out the main staples first.

  • Thanks!

  • I have personally filmed nearly every minute of my YT channel. I think 1 video I published I used stock video but everything else is filmed by me. I do some voiceovers. The other are done from my excellent blog editor James. I still have a ton of room f... show more