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Moon Tour
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December 2021
Take a virtual audio tour to the Moon with a NASA astronomer

Houston, we have a Moon Tour.

πŸ‘©β€πŸš€ Fly to the Moon with an audio tour created by NASA’s Astronomer Pamela Gay.
πŸŒ’ Visit the historic landing sites of US, Soviet, and Chinese missions.
πŸš€ Learn what it takes to get to space – the training, the trip, and how it will feel to return to the gravity of Earth.

Check out the virtual tour at

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8 months ago

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Co-founder and CFO, Clio Muse Tours

Thanks for sharing guys!

10 months ago
Founder, Travel Massive

Hi Daphne, I really like the concept and creative of this tour, so thought this would be fun to share with the Travel Massive community!

Can you tell us what inspired you to create this product? And what were some interesting things you learned as a tour company developing a virtual product?

10 months ago (edited)
Co-founder and CFO, Clio Muse Tours

Well, I'll try to keep it short!
As a company, each year we try to produce an extraordinary tour. We thought it was time we surpassed the boundaries of tours on the earth. And said why don't we create a tour for the moon! Thus, we contacted Pamela Gay, a distinguished astronomer from NASA, and thus this tour came to life!
It was indeed the first virtual tour we created and I still think its the best one. Virtual tours in general are a great way to connect with any destination before visiting. I guess the moon tour is for anyone wondering how is life on the moon!

10 months ago
General director, Global Convoy

This is so cool! love the idea!

9 months ago
Founder & CEO, Map Your City

Very cool idea - I love exploring space πŸͺ

9 months ago
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