Road trip from Estonia to Bulgaria Follow the Global Convoy's adventure across five ex-Soviet countries

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Watch the first episode of our overland journey from Estonia to Bulgaria on the Global Convoy Iron Curtain Run – a month of wild camping, exploring abandoned buildings and meeting strangers while we drive through some ex-soviet countries and more.

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Freelance Writer, Editor and Photographer, Global Convoy

If anyone is on our route we would love to meet up with you! We will be in Bucharest from the 25-27th of September and then heading through Romania to Bansko in Bulgaria! Hit us up 😀

2 years ago
Event Organizer & Traveler, GlobalGaz

Looks like an amazing road trip1! Enjoy the next leg

2 years ago

Guys, this is so embarrassing. Calling Poland, Romania and Bulgaria ex-Soviet countries. This ignorance is just everything a traveler shouldn't bring along, according to me. Good luck on your trip and try to learn something while traveling.

2 years ago
Technical Director, Global Convoy

Hey bud! The description actually says 5 ex-Soviet countries (Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Ukraine and Moldova) so we aren’t claiming they are all ex-Soviet :)

The route was based on Euro-Velo’s ‘Iron Curtain’ route and in the video we explained that we were exploring some ex-Soviet and their neighbors.

All the best!

2 years ago
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amazing trip so far- when is episode 2 expected?
thanks for the video entertainment and dreaming of future adventures!

2 years ago
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Road trip from Estonia to Bulgaria

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