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Virtual Russian Home Cooking Experience

Learn how to cook traditional Russian cuisine
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November 2021
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🇷🇺 Learn how to cook traditional Russian cuisine and try the most typical Russian dishes during this online experience while chatting with your Russian hosts.

🥗 Learn the art of home-cooked Russian main courses: Olivier salad, borscht soup, or traditional semolina pie (the secret recipe from granny).

🪆 Get a glimpse of daily life in Russia, talk about Russian culture and traditions, and eat your home cooked dinner with Olga's family.

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Co-founder, ExploRussia

Hi everyone!
I am Olga, co-founder of ExploRussia. And this is my cooking class.
This 1-1.5 hours is not only about cooking "the Russian salad", it is about our culture and daily habbits. I will show you some snippets of soviet cartoons, the most traditional Russian movie where they eat a lot :) and I will even read to you a Russian kid's folk tale! The whole hour we talk, laugh, discuss and, yes, we do cook! So I invite you to join me for this experience :)

2 years ago
Content & Community Manager, Travel Massive

Looks fun! In Bulgaria, we call the Olivier salad "Russian salad" 😄 What's one fact about Russia that surprises all your guests?

2 years ago (edited)
Co-founder, ExploRussia

But also what I find in other countries is called "Russian salad" is a bit different from what we cook. Russian salad is more - potato salad. But Olivier is a mixture of different veggies, where potato in fact is not main ingridient. Surprise :)

2 years ago
Founder, Travel Massive

I can personally vouch for this cooking class, as I was lucky enough experience it in IRL in Moscow a few years ago with Olga and her family!

2 years ago
Co-founder, ExploRussia

Hey how! Great memories for us as well!

2 years ago
Partner, Yolovivo

HI Olga, This is Luis G Nelson from yolovivo-- Panama. Is it possible you contact me ? thanks a lot. Luis

2 years ago
Co-founder, ExploRussia

Hi Luis!
Sure, emailing you right away :)

2 years ago