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Developing Self-Guided Tours Learn how to create multi-day self-guided active tours

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This self-paced course details how to successfully add multi-day self-guided active tours (primarily walking, trekking or bicycling) to a tour provider’s portfolio.

βœ… ο»ΏThe key take-aways from this course include:

β€’ Identifying whether self-guided tours are appropriate for your business
β€’ Designing self-guided tours to increase margins
β€’ Gaining insight into traveler motivations and source market intel
β€’ Understanding and mitigating safety and risks unique to self-guided tours
β€’ Critical supply chain components needed to ensure smooth operations
β€’ Creating documentation and navigational information for the traveler
β€’ Anticipating and solving problems on tour from a distance
β€’ Marketing best practices

πŸ™‹β€β™€οΈ Who will benefit from this course?

β€’ Adventure tour operators who want to add multi-day self-guided products
β€’ DMC, DMO or tourism boards and associations
β€’ Accommodation, local suppliers and guides that wish to self-guided tours

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VP Community, Adventure Travel Trade Association

Alongside industry experts, Tullia Caballero of S-Cape Travel, and Monica Price of ExperiencePlus! Bicycle Tours, Adventure Travel Trade Association (ATTA) is thrilled to introduce our newest courses on Developing Self-Guided Tours. ATTA members get steep discounts so let me know if you want to learn more about joining our global adventure travel community!

2 years ago
Founder, Travel Massive

Hey Mira, thanks for sharing your course with the community. What's been the feedback so far from the course? Do you have any interesting success stories of businesses who added self-guided tours as an offering, and how it helped generate additional revenue?

2 years ago (edited)
VP Community, Adventure Travel Trade Association

Hi Ian, great questions. The course was launched very recently so I don't have student feedback to share just yet. Some ATTA member tour operators added self guided tours to their product portfolios to attract the domestic market, who are often more resistant to paying for guided trips. This helped generate critical additional revenue these past two years. Our educators are ATTA members and Ambassadors who were able to do this successfully and are sharing their knowledge through this course.

2 years ago
Tour guide and travel writer

Our tours specially trekking in the high mountains. Can you explain in detail about how we can generate revenue if we offer self guided tours??

2 years ago
VP Community, Adventure Travel Trade Association

Hi Shree - thanks for your question. I asked one of the educators from this class and her response was this: We talk in detail about how some locations are not suitable for SGT. High mountains might be one of those areas, depending on remoteness and risk (or perception of risk). We do discuss how some places which cannot be self guided completely can have some days that are self -guided with some guided experiences. So it completely depends on how and whether tourists can safely travel alone (which we go over in detail) in a certain area.

2 years ago
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Developing Self-Guided Tours

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