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Porto Conte Regional Park Protected area in Sardinia

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Porto Conte Regional Park sits just outside of the city of Alghero in Sardinia, Italy.

🥾 Discovery of Sleeping Giant Secrets Tour

The Discovery of Sleeping Giant Secrets ecotourism experience organised and managed by the park in collaboration with Biking Sardinia is an unmissable adventure into one of Sardinia’s prized natural parks packed with ancient history, culture and incredible natural beauty.

The local community plays a central role in ecotourism, offering a more authentic experience to the visitors. Guests pick vegetables for dinner with the hosts in their kitchen garden, do day treks through the park with local nature experts and they learn about the origin of Alghero’s Catalan dialect while exploring the narrow streets of the city.

Cycling on e-bikes throughout the tour gives visitors a real sense of the stunning landscapes and expansive natural beauty of Porto Conte, whilst happily knowing they are leaving little-to no carbon footprint behind.

♻️ MEET Network ecotourism model

Using the MEET Model for ecotourism development of the experience, as part of a sustainable tourism project called DestiMED PLUS, the park worked to prioritise sustainable practices wherever possible by hand-picking local providers and high-quality suppliers with strong social and environmental values and a willingness to be involved in a new and exciting form of ecotourism.

Using MEET’s impact monitoring tools, the park and Biking Sardinia were also able to significantly improve food waste and gained an understanding of what aspects of the tour could be more sustainable without having to sacrifice on quality.

👉 Inspire your travellers with the MEET Experiences:

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📸 Photo credits: Giovanni Scarpa, Fondas Spinthakis, Natalie Beckett

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Hi everyone! This is Carla from the MEET Network.

Bike enthusiasts are going to love this one 💚 If your idea of a perfect holiday involves cycling through stunning trails with a sea view, this itinerary is for you! But rest assured that this is only the beginning, Sardinian gastronomy 🍝, extensive history and crystal clear waters will complete a well-rounded experience.

“During this experience we had the opportunity to discover the territory in a very authentic way. We could appreciate the wealth and value of the territory, and we were able to go deeper inside the territory, its nature, its history, its traditions and its gastronomy. And this is the perfect way to travel: know and feel the places as a local, and appreciate and take care of them as a local too.” - Beatriz López

Are you into active holidays that involve soft adventure activities? 🚴

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Content & Community Manager, Travel Massive

I have visited Sardinia and was really impressed with the nature and local food. People were really proud of their culture as well. I'd love to go back and do a biking trip - looks like a great way to see the natural beauty of the region.

1 year ago

Using an e-bike is a great way to discover Porto Conte from a different perspective, so it's ideal for second-time visitors! I'm sure that the deeper you get to know the island, the more you'll enjoy it.

1 year ago
Event Organizer & Traveler, GlobalGaz

You need to bring your entire crew from Bansko for a epic group ride!

1 year ago
Freelance Travel Writer

Looks like such a beautiful destination! It will definitely be on my travel list the next time I go to Italy.

1 year ago

Italy has some amazing places, but Sardinia has a special place in our hearts!

We will be soon posting about another Italian destination, this time a more unknown one. Stay tuned 👀

1 year ago
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