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La Garrotxa Volcanic Zone Natural Park Protected area in Catalonia region in Spain

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La Garrotxa Volcanic Zone Natural Park is the best example of volcanic terrain on the Iberian Peninsula. This protected area offers a precious natural heritage with dormant volcanoes, lava flows and extraordinary history.

A meeting point between the Mediterranean and the Pyrenees, the park is a mosaic of culture steeped in rich history and tradition that has been carefully preserved by the locals.

🥾 Walking the Landscape Tour

The Walking the Landscape ecotourism experience developed and managed by the natural park in collaboration with Trescàlia tourism agency, explores not only the natural landscapes of Garrotxa but the historic and gastronomic landscapes as well as, immersing visitors in the charming medieval villages and ancient trails so they can explore the human landscapes of the park.

From tasting local products with the Volcanic Cuisine Association, to trekking down ancient roman roads and visiting Santa Pau, a village surrounded by magnificent volcanoes.

Sustainable alternatives of walking are prioritised wherever possible, as are restaurants using locally sourced produce and suppliers to maintain a low impact on the environment.

♻️ MEET Network ecotourism model

Thoughtfully designed using the MEET Network’s Model for ecotourism product development during a sustainable tourism project called DestiMED PLUS project, the multi-day tour gives travellers a well-rounded experience of the destination.

Following the MEET Model, the park and Trescàlia worked closely with accommodation and other tourism establishments involved in the experience to increase energy efficiency and reduce carbon emissions of the product.

👉 Inspire your travellers with the MEET Experiences:

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Hello everyone! 👋

The Mediterranean is not only sun and beaches, it also offers beautiful landscapes to be visited off peak season. For example, autumn is one of the best times to experience our wonderful itinerary in La Garrotxa and see the different shades of yellow and brown from the beach forests 🍂

The cosy atmosphere is something that our travellers appreciate: “We stayed in the middle of corn fields, in so-called «Mas», the name of rural houses in Catalonia. Cosy ambiance and, most of all, local products from the farms around. At night delicious dinners from chefs that combine the local products creating high gastronomic volcanic cuisine” - Penelope Gkini

Do you usually travel during the peak season or do you try to stick to the shoulder season? I read you in the comments below 👇

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La Garrotxa Volcanic Zone Natural Park

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