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Chefchaouen (The Blue City)

Hidden in the Atlas Mountains is a city where everything is painted blue
Discovered by Becca Marsh
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Chefchaouen is a city located in the Rif Mountains, northwest Morocco. It has become a popular place to visit due to its unusual blue-washed buildings in the old town. The quaint streets are lined with colourful trinkets and the odd kitten. Many people ask why the streets are painted blue and this remains somewhat of a mystery. The locals have many stories or theories so make sure to ask when you are there. Some believe it is painted blue to symbolise the Mediterranean Sea, others believe that the blue symbolises the importance of the Ras el-Maa waterfall as this is the main source of water for the town. This is a great place to visit for an afternoon or a romantic getaway.

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Creative Director, Global Convoy

Chefchaouen is such a hidden gem! A little hidden away but well worth a visit.

1 month ago (edited)
Founder, Travel Massive

Thanks for sharing, what an awesome looking place! How much of the city is tourism-focused, vs locals?

1 month ago (edited)
Managing Director,

Planning on visiting early April 2023 & really looking forward to it!

1 month ago
Content creator, Social Media Manager, Two Passports One Love

This was probably our favorite part of our visit to Morrocco! It feels surreal and it's a hidden gem. Totally recommend adding it to your itinerary if you visit the country

1 month ago
Travel Blogger, The Wandering Afropologist

This is high on my bucketlist. It looks so beautiful!

1 month ago
Event Organizer & Traveler, GlobalGaz

This town is definitely worth a visit when exploring Morocco. It is very instagramable both also worth a day or two to relax, have a coffee and a bite.

1 month ago