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Maximillian White
Technical Director, Global Convoy
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My name is Max. I studied Computer Science and Business Management but found I’m much more passionate about exploring the world and meeting all the amazing people in it.

I am a co founder of Global Convoy, a budget travel group that encourages sustainable group travel. Our first trip was a circumnavigation of the world and since then we have focused on smaller trips that include everyone. Recently we became award winning documentary makers and were selected to be members of the San Miguel Rich List 2018. As motivational speakers we will continue to share our story and inspire others.

We have partnered with Water-to-Go and Gone West as brand representatives to help make the world more accessible and safe for other aspiring travellers whilst still being environmentally conscious.

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    Albania Travel Massive


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    Meet Halfway

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    Trakai Island Castle

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    Hiiumaa Eiffel Tower Park

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    Iron Curtain Run

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  • Are you attending London World Travel Market?

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    The Journey Backpack

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    Road trip from Estonia to Bulgaria

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    Chernobyl X Tours

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    Global Convoy

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    London Travel Massive

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    Manchester Travel Massive


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    Brighton Travel Massive


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