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Meet Halfway Find locations in your city to meet with friends

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🚗 Easily find restaurants, bars, and parks between two places in a city.

Meet Halfway was created by a group of friends living in Melbourne who wanted to catch up after a long hard winter of lockdowns.

"We couldn’t find a solution that allowed us to easily find overlapping locations for our picnics and coffees so we set about building something ourselves."

🗺 Explore the web app on your mobile or desktop: meethalfway.com.au

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Founder, Travel Massive

This is a cool travel hack, and also made in Melbourne 😁

Just a small note — the search box is limited to Australian addresses, so if you live outside of 'straya you'll have to move the map around to your location.

2 years ago (edited)
Co-Founder / President, fairbnb.coop

Cool website,
i would suggest to activate by default all the flags between the two circles and then eventually give the possibility to narrow down the results in a second moment.

2 years ago
Executive Producer and Host, travel-dance web series, "Follow My Lead"

Love this concept! My bff and I have always said we wanted someone to invent an app like this :D

2 years ago
Founder, Travel Massive

Just found a similar project from Boston Venture Studio.

"A simple website for helping your friends decide where to meet" — middle.net

2 months ago (edited)
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