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LoungePair Get access to airport lounges worldwide

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LoungePair offers airport lounge operators a way to fill empty seats, generate net new revenue streams, and improve their bottom line.

We do this by offering leisure travellers lounge access at up to 30% off standard pricing - the only catch being that these rates are subject to lounge capacity.

πŸ’Ό Business travel has historically been a core revenue segment for lounges but is in rapid decline. Lounge operators are seeking to overcome steep revenue losses as we emerge from the pandemic.

🌍 We're partnered with TAV OS, Plaza Premium, W Premium, and sleep 'n fly, and are working to onboard many more. We currently offer over 250 lounges on our platform.

🀝 We have a referral program where bloggers, influencers and others can earn credit for new members that sign up via a dedicated partner page.

πŸ’œ We built LoungePair out of a desire to find a way to let more people experience an airport lounge, without needing to pay for an expensive membership, or have a specific credit card.

Learn more at app.loungepair.com

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CEO and Co-Founder, LoungePair

Hi! πŸ‘‹

I'm Daniel, the co-founder of LoungePair.

Our web app is built for all those who have wondered what is behind those elusive doors at the airport - but never known that they can get in.

In 2019, I was travelling home from a trip to Hong Kong. I knew I had access to some of the best Cathay Pacific lounges in the world, but also knew I could guest someone in with me, as I was travelling solo.

I found someone at the gate, let them in, and half hour later saw them in the Γ  la carte dining area enjoying some Dandan noodles and a cocktail.

It made me remember what a privilege it was to be able to visit these lounges, and enjoy their amenities while travelling. I wanted to find ways to share that with others.

The first version of our platform was P2P, and enabled travellers with guest access (like me) to share with others. It had a community focus, and was free.

The pandemic hit in March 2020, and I knew that lounge operators would be suffering, with closures and likely cuts to staffing and possibly even levels of service over the short-to-medium term.

I worked with my good friend and colleague Todd Heslin - we've known each other for many years having worked with Point Hacks in Australia - and we decided to build a platform that would let travellers 'name their own price' for access.

This was true variable driven pricing for lounges - they could accept those requests that met their preferences in regard to cost and capacity, make net positive revenue, and potentially earn a new customer for life.

We were first to market - no business had ever done this before. The lounges have seen us as being innovative in a world where traditionally all the focus was on business travellers and those with shiny credit cards.

LoungePair hit the internet in late 2020, and a little over a year later and we have onboarded hundreds of lounges around the world.

We have a generous referral scheme for anyone in the travel industry that thinks our product is worthwhile and you might want to encourage people to book with us.

You can earn up to US$10 credit for every new user, and you get your own personal branded partner page that looks like this: app.loungepair.com/invite/finnoytravel

Operators can configure their lounges, including names, description, and location. Corporate can see the requests for all lounges, and individual lounges can opt-in to seeing only theirs.

If you're an airport lounge operator, or want to know more about our referral program, connect with my profile on Travel Massive or at daniel.kinnoch@loungepair.com - I'd love to connect!

2 years ago
Founder, Travel Massive

Hey Daniel, thanks for sharing LoungePair on Travel Massive, and congrats on the launch of the referral program! Can't wait to use LoungePair when I start adventuring again out of Tasmania! πŸ™Œ

2 years ago
Founder, TravelGraph

<<We were first to market - no business had ever done this before.>> Are you aware of Flio? Glad to see another entrant on the market, I tried :)

2 years ago
CEO and Co-Founder, LoungePair

Hi Jason, no I hadn’t heard of Flio - we’re aware of other methods to purchase lounge access, but none that let the guest actually specify their own price and then request that the lounge accept it (which they often do subject to capacity).

Nonetheless, I’m always keen to hear of other experiences!

2 years ago
Founder, TravelGraph

More than happy to chat and soundboard, built some interesting things around the customer loyalty, mobile coupon/voucher space for far too long :)

2 years ago

Around the globe about 2500 airports with significant jet traffic and lounges. Getting enough access footprint is an interesting challenge. Would love to chat about it

2 years ago
CEO and Co-Founder, LoungePair

It is a lot of work, and very fragmented among smaller operators. Look forward to talking!

2 years ago
Corporate Travel Counselor, BCD Travel

So, is your competition the airlines; because they offer day passes for about $50 or miles? What sets your product apart from their offers? Thanks, good idea just curious. Also, as a corporate meeting planner, do you provide or offer receipts that can be uploaded into concur for expense purposes?

2 years ago
CEO and Co-Founder, LoungePair

Hi Cheryl - absolutely not, we see airlines as our partners, not competition. They offer day passes or access to elite members, but they often experience the same struggle with filling seats especially out of their hub cities.

Our product offers pricing variability, and the ability to either surcharge when busy, or discount when not.

Yes, each successful purchase generates a receipt that can be downloaded as a PDF and uploaded into Concur.

Happy to have a further conversation about how we could help with corporate travel planning if you're interested - daniel.kinnoch@loungepair.com

2 years ago
CEO and Co-Founder, LoungePair

Hi all,

We wanted to share an exciting update from LoungePair. Since our feature here on Travel Massive, we've evolved our services significantly. Gone are the days of 'name your own price' – we've streamlined our offerings to provide flexible lounge passes that cater to the spontaneity and changing schedules of modern travel.

Our passes can now be used at any time and on any day, as long as the lounge doors are open. This means you can secure a space to relax or work at the airport, without being locked into a specific date or time.

But that's not all – we recently celebrated a huge milestone! LoungePair's direct network now includes over 400 lounges globally, and together with our trusted partners, we offer access to 811 lounges around the world. This expansion means more options, more comfort, and more opportunities for you to unwind before your flight.

To keep up with our latest advancements and offerings, check out the newest edition of our newsletter at LoungePair News (newsletters.loungepair.com), where we keep our subscribers updated on our expanding network.

We're thrilled to be part of your travel experiences and to offer even more value and flexibility to your journeys.

Thank you for being part of our journey.

Daniel + Todd

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