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Our Tribe Travels
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June 2021
The community for families who love adventurous travel

The Our Tribe Travels story starts back in 2008 when my husband and I received a joint offer to work in Mumbai, India as Media Directors at an advertising agency. As keen travelers, this opportunity was just too good to overlook.

After 16 months of having our senses assaulted 24/7, 365 as we worked, lived, and travelled the sub-continent, I fell pregnant with our son.

As nervous, first time parents, we made a decision to relocate back to the UK in order to have our child.

Soon enough it became clear that we didn’t have closure on our Asian adventure (we missed both the vibrancy and the weather!), so after a few months of deliberating we decided to take the bull by the horns, follow our gut instinct and leave the UK. Again. Only this time, with an 11-month old in tow.

Our Tribe Travels has evolved into a community of families who love independent travel and seek to inspire and assist each other in their explorations.

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4 months ago
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