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Rodrigo Pinto
General Manager, LATC Turismo
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I am a born and raised "paulistano" (São Paulo local), but I have the free soul of true "carioca" (Rio de Janeiro local). After graduating in International Relations and Geography in my hometown I went on to explore the world in 2 long bicycle trips (in Cuba and Southern Europe) and living in Barcelona for a year.

Coming back to São Paulo made the concrete jungle seem too much to me, so I moved to Rio de Janeiro where I've started in the tourism industry back in 2006. In 2009 I've started my own company, an incoming local tour operator in São Paulo area.

2018 brought me back to Rio de Janeiro and I've decided to move away from the corporate travel world to go back to where my heart is: leisure travel. Since July 2019 I've started at the role of General Manager of LATC Turismo, a leading Brazilian DMC.

Meanwhile, I've become one of the Rio de Janeiro Travel Massive Chapter Leaders and it feels great to connect with fellow industry colleagues.

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