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Neil Jansson
🤘 Rockstar • Founder, Connector, Proud African. Avid Explorer @africantravelcrew

Proud African, passionate about the continent and all who call it home.

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Desert Island Survival

Be a castaway on a desert island
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How can the travel industry help Ukraine?

Resources from the tourism community
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Go Overseas Programs

Discover meaningful programs abroad (or online)
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Baghdad To Basra

A vlog about visiting and meeting the people of Iraq
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Mount Nemrut

A mysterious collection of statues at the top of Mount Nemrut in Turkey
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What's your favourite food from around the world?

A discussion about favourite world foods
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Drive & Listen

Drive around cities while listening to their local radios
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Kõpu Lighthouse

One of the world's oldest lighthouses in Estonia
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Seeking Sustainability in Japan

Weekly interviews with interesting people in Japan
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Virtual Russian Home Cooking Experience

Learn how to cook traditional Russian cuisine
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Things To Do In Vienna

A video guide to visiting Vienna, Austria
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Explore Africa

Live nature cams from Africa
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Flying over icebergs in Greenland

A steep approach over icebergs flying from Kangerlussuaq to Ilulissat
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What are your favorite islands?

A discussion thread about island destinations
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Film Tourismus

Famous and obscure film locations around the world
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Postcards from Timbuktu

Send a friend a postcard from Timbuktu
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Khusvegi English & Nomadic Culture Camp

Join a Kazakh nomadic community and help preserve local culture in Western Mongolia

What's the most random place you've visited?

A discussion about interesting and quirky places
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The Journey Backpack

Smart backpack system for experienced travelers
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Exploring Meow Wolf Convergence Station

A transformational art adventure in Denver, Colorado

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