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Impact Travel Collective

Measure your tour's contributions towards the UN Sustainable Development Goals
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A ground-up approach to measuring and reporting contributions to the UN's Sustainable Development Goals for experiences, tours and other travel services.

🌎 We developed the Impact Worksheet to allow guides in the collective to link their sustainability efforts to the United Nation's Sustainable Development Goals.

👍 Guides can learn about the Global Goals to see concrete examples of how their tours can make more impact in their community.

📚 We publish every tour's Impact Worksheet on our website, so that travelers know exactly how their purchase will positively benefit the community.

🌱 We call this a bottom-up approach to sustainability, with real guides taking control of doing good for their community and environment.

🙌 It puts travelers in control of the impact you wish to make by choosing your tour.

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Founder & sustainability consultant, Fair Sayari & the Good Tourism Institute

What an amazing approach! 👏

1 year ago
Co-Founder & Guide, Impact Travel Collective

Thank you Anne, feel free to ask any question and reach out to try to make impact together.

1 year ago
Founder, Travel Massive

Great video overview, it really explains how it works!

1 year ago
Co-Founder & Guide, Impact Travel Collective

Thank you Ian, we are working hard to build this project and try to bring this Ecosystem to the industry as soon as possible. We already have some tours loaded in our website where you can check the Impact Report Card pages working with real tours. Please feel free to check them and ask any questions.

1 year ago
Eco-entrepreneur | CEO | Sustainable, Millennium Destinations

Really well designed (and presented) initiative! We would love to promote it, for example through Herost, an online travel guide and toolkit promoting eco-friendly, community-driven tourism experiences

1 year ago
Co-Founder & Guide, Impact Travel Collective

Thank you for your interest in making impact together. I'll find your contact in your website and start a conversation on how we can help each other. 🙏🏽

1 year ago
Eco-entrepreneur | CEO | Sustainable, Millennium Destinations

I will be delighted to discuss with you. You may also be interested in checking

1 year ago
Co-Founder & Guide, Impact Travel Collective

I’m one of the co-founders of this project and we’re on a mission to spur sustainable development through tourism.

To understand this, think about the "Nutrition Facts" label.

Have the image in your mind? We’re creating a similar product for tours and activities. But instead of measuring the level of sugar in a food, we’re measuring the level of good or bad the tour is having on the local community and the environment.

It all starts with the guides, who in general have never been given the opportunity to learn about sustainability of their tours.

We educate them about the universal framework for sustainable development which was created by the United Nations, called the SDGs or Global Goals

Then we ask them to fill out a worksheet about how their tour contributes to or detracts from those SDGs.

Finally, we take that worksheet and turn it into a beautiful report that they can put on their website so travelers can see it before going on the tour.

These guides may be independently employed or are hired by a tour company, so we work with tour companies too.

And finally, we’re putting all these reports to be searchable on a marketplace so you, the traveler can browse and even choose a tour based on what you really care about.

For example, say you really care about women’s empowerment, you can search by SDG 5- Gender equality and see all the tours offered around the world that are helping women.

The end result is an overall win-win: Guides, companies and their travelers know their impact and the tour becomes more meaningful, while the local community and environment are respected and celebrated.

So I’m curious, if this tool was ready to use, what sustainability target would you report about or search for first?

1 year ago
Tourism Adviser, ONEArmenia

This is very interesting. I'm currently helping develop experiential, impactful tourism products for an NGO in Armenia and we are thinking about:

a) What to measure impact-wise
b) How to measure it
c) How to demonstrate our impact

Your Impact Worksheet may well be just what we need for section c) above. I'll be in touch!

1 year ago
Co-Founder & Guide, Impact Travel Collective

Sounds like we might be able to tackle all 3 of those. We received your contact from our website, I'll send you and email with a meeting proposal to have a talk. Thank you for your interest on making an impact together!

1 year ago
Co-founder, Impact Travel Collective,

Hi everyone! This is an open call to contact us for a chat. We want to hear from all guides and operators about what tools you need to start or continue on your sustainability journey. We are constantly innovating and are on the verge of launching the Impact Travel Ecosystem (video above) for anyone in the industry. It's really exciting stuff!

I look forward to meeting you! Send me a private message or email me at

Impact Travel Collective

1 year ago
social entrepreneur tour operator, Hero Holidays

i want to know more.. this is such an eye opener .

2 months ago
Co-Founder & Guide, Impact Travel Collective

Hey Lorraine. Impact Travel Collective is going through a small stand by. We will be happy to create any conversation. Check our website and let us know your questions.

2 months ago