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Juanjo González
Co-Founder & Guide, Impact Travel Collective
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About me

Juanjo is a multidisciplinary professional who has achieved several skills in various areas. He believes that human essence flows from the sensory capacity of music, art, and movement. Because of this sensibility, he has dedicated over a decade of his life to the practice and research of Capoeira and within it, he has found an art form to imprint his feelings, talents, and skills.

Taking advantage of the knowledge about Brazilian culture, he became a professional tour guide implementing narrative skills oriented to intellectually curious travelers to offer personalized experiences based on their love to learn. He founded his own cultural tourism company in Brazil under the name of Capoeira Paraty.

Recently, after the COVID-19 outbreak, he created, with the help of other tourism professionals, the Impact Travel Collective in which we are intending to aggregate and offer an online platform for guides to learn how to make a positive impact on the Global Goals with their tours.

Why did you join the community?

I want to connect, learn, grow and participate on the Social Entrepreneurship in Tourism Competition

What is your favorite travel destination?

Anywhere you can go by bicycle

Where do you dream of traveling to?


What was your first travel job?

I travelled by bicycle from Mexico to Brazil as part of a fund raising project for a Capoeira social project called B2B Joga Capoeira

What do you want to learn more about?

Sustainable, cultural and transformative tourism

Three words that describe why we should travel?

Growth, learning, empathy


  • Hey Lorraine. Impact Travel Collective is going through a small stand by. We will be happy to create any conversation. Check our website and let us know your questions.

  • Sounds like we might be able to tackle all 3 of those. We received your contact from our website, I'll send you and email with a meeting proposal to have a talk. Thank you for your interest on making an impact together!

  • I’m one of the co-founders of this project and we’re on a mission to spur sustainable development through tourism. To understand this, think about the "Nutrition Facts" label. Have the image in your mind? We’re creating a similar product for tours a... show more

  • Thank you for your interest in making impact together. I'll find your contact in your website and start a conversation on how we can help each other. 🙏🏽

  • Thank you Ian, we are working hard to build this project and try to bring this Ecosystem to the industry as soon as possible. We already have some tours loaded in our website where you can check the Impact Report Card pages working with real tours. Pl... show more