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Become a better tour operator An interactive course on implementing sustainability in your tourism business

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With our extensive experience in sustainable tourism and online marketing, we created the perfect formula for running a successful tourism business.

We combined all our knowledge and experience into an online course to help you become a better tour operator. In this course, you will:

🗿 Learn how to create unique travel experiences
Tourism is not only about selling travel products. It’s about creating travel experiences. There are too many tour operators who focus on just selling travel products while they should focus on creating an experience. From the moment a customer starts looking for a trip, until the moment they return home; they need to feel they’re part of your travel experience. They are the key to your success.

🤳 Learn how to attract the modern-day traveller
Travellers are an important element for being a successful tour operator. The modern-day travellers:
• Search for one-in-a-lifetime travel experiences
• Expect dedicated and supportive customer service
• Care about good tourism and animal welfare
• Look for a business purpose they can connect with
• Want to connect with you on social media

🌱 Course benefits
• One year access to all course content
• Short videos explaining key concepts
• Learning in your own pace and time
• Practical and no-nonsense approach
• Interactive workbook with 50+ assignments

More information about the course can be found here: goodtourisminstitute.com/course-level-1/

This course is created by The Good Tourism Institute
At the Good Tourism Institute we care about the tourism industry. Our goal is to make the industry a better place for its businesses and travellers. This however, can’t be done without taking in mind the planet and its people. We believe a sustainable tourism industry and making a profit can go hand in hand.

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Founder & sustainability consultant, Fair Sayari & the Good Tourism Institute

Hi everyone! My name is Anne de Jong and co-founder of the Good Tourism Institute. I work as a sustainable tourism consultant focused on tour operators. While working as a sustainable tourism consultant, I often got asked questions about the benefits of implementing sustainability. Questions such as ‘what’s in it for me?’ and ‘if it’s going to cost me, how can I make more profit?’ were common from tour operators. At the time, I found it difficult to answer these questions businesswise. Should doing the right thing not be enough? Isn’t it clear that we need sustainable tourism for a future in tourism?

I discussed this with Rik (co-founder) and as an online marketing expert he thought, although doing good should be enough, it simply isn’t for everyone. He said: You should be able to offer them something more”. Together we came up with the concept of combining running a successful business with sustainability as a unique selling point and created our first course "Become a better tour operator". We aim to support tour operators in their recovery post-covid19 and to prepare them for a future in tourism. Sustainable and successful!

Looking forward to hearing about your thoughts. :)

2 years ago
Founder, Travel Massive

Hey Anne, thanks for sharing your course. I’m sure many tour operators in our community will find this helpful!

Do you find that customers who take your course make radical changes or just smaller improvements to their existing products?

2 years ago
Founder & sustainability consultant, Fair Sayari & the Good Tourism Institute

Hi Ian, thank you for your comment and we hope so too! As we have just launched the course last month, this is pretty difficult to say. I do think that this really depends on the tour operator and what kind of business they run.

If they are already doing well and they are looking for the final touches, this course is perfect to discover concepts and tips to improve their business quickly where radical changes might not be necessary. If they are just starting out and/or have difficulty implementing sustainability, attracting the right target group or marketing their business well, this course will help identify the next steps where (radical) changes might be necessary.

2 years ago
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Become a better tour operator

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