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Kirsi Hyvaerinen
⭐️ Community Leader • 🤘 Rockstar • Co-founder of MNE Chapter, CEO, PRÁTTO Consulting d.o.o.

Since 30 years in tourism, helping places and businesses keep their promises. Here to share, not to sell. Living in "Nowhere" (Пошћење) and loving it.


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How to reduce the carbon footprint of your tour business

A Free Guide on Reducing CO2 Emissions for Tour Operators
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Light Pollution Map

Find the best locations for observing the night sky
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Global Nomad Guide

Compare digital nomad visas around the world
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Visit Dark Skies

Promoting remote travel locations with excellent starry skies as a way to reduce overtourism
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Nomad Stays

Accommodation for digital nomads & remote workers
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Virtual Russian Home Cooking Experience

Learn how to cook traditional Russian cuisine
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What are your travel predictions for 2022?

Share your anticipated travel trends for next year
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Seeking Sustainability in Japan

Weekly interviews with interesting people in Japan

Where in the world are you right now?

A discussion thread about places we're currently exploring
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Impact Travel Collective

Measure your tour's contributions towards the UN Sustainable Development Goals
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European Capitals of Smart Tourism

Recognising innovative and smart tourism cities in Europe

What's the most random place you've visited?

A discussion about interesting and quirky places

Have you stopped traveling for business?

A discussion about the change in business travel behaviour
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Airbnb's Co-Founder On The Future of Travel

A discussion about the future of mobility and the long term affects of travel
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Digital Nomad Visas

Explore digital nomad visas around the world
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Review of Bansko Nomad Fest 2021

Everything that happened at Bansko Nomad Fest in Bulgaria
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World Views

Discover travel blogs, vlogs & podcasts about any country

What languages do you speak?

A discussion thread about spoken languages
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Montenegro Travel Massive

A travel community in Montenegro
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Coffice Prague

Because coworking is not just about sitting behind the computer

Joined September 2016

Šavnik, Montenegro

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The world is a network and I believe in sharing; especially important to involve regions in transformation - we set up this group for Montenegro in 2017.