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Kirsi Hyvaerinen
Co-founder of MNE Chapter, CEO, HYVÄ Coaching & Consulting
⭐️ Community Leader 🤘 Rockstar

Since 30 years in tourism, helping places and businesses keep their promises. Here to share, not to sell. Living in "Nowhere" (Пошћење) and loving it.

September 2016
69 events
The world is a network and I believe in sharing; especially important to involve regions in transformation - we set up this group for Montenegro in 2017.


  • Pozdravljamo 2023. sa fantastičnim gostujućim govornikom iz Njemačke. Njegova prezentacija na #TTTT22 ocijenjeno je jednim od najkorisnijih. Pridružite nam se 9.2.! 👉 Events. #TravelMassiveMNE

  • Montenegro. For many, many reasons. Ask Andjela Djokic (our very active member here) - and Jovan Radnic - founder of the Montenegro Digital Nomads Community,

  • Hi everyone on #TravelMassiveMNE We wish you a lovely holiday season - Srećan Božić i sve najbolje za zdravu, sretnu i mirnu Novu godinu! If you have a topic and/or place in your mind that we should get together to - welcome to drop Slavica and me a me... show more

  • * Greener, fair & outdoorsy. Simple life, rural experiences, new national parks. * In Europe: Renaissance of train travels (partly subsidised by governments). * Workcations! * Nearby adventures on the one hand, "trips of a lifetime" on the other.

  • Hi everyone - here's the recap of our beautiful event with Andjela & the FitCamp team 💚 - what could be next? Let us hear from you!