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Helping people explore the world through live-streaming events

We truly believe that we become better humans when we travel and see new places, cultures and people. Unfortunately the world isn’t as accessible as we’d like so we’re helping people explore the world through live-streaming events sprinkled with some social magic.

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1 month ago
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Entrepreneur, Neuwly

Hey everyone! My name is Steve and I’m a cofounder at Neuwly. I truly believe that the world is full of unique ideas, cultures and experiences makes us better humans and my goal is to help more people explore it. The world sometimes isn’t as accessible as we’d like so we created Neuwly to help bridge that gap. From discovering new events to following your favourite guides I love what we’re building and truly hope we can inspire people from around the world.

Thanks for checking this out and for being a part of the travel world. I hope I can be a positive force for this industry that we all love.

1 month ago
Founder, Travel Massive

Hey Steve, thanks for sharing Neuwly here on Travel Massive, and bravo on launching! 👏

Your video walkthrough is really helpful at explaining how it all works. It looks like a well thought out UX for both guides and viewers.

How many tour guides have you tested this with so far? What’s the most common bit of feedback you’re getting at these early stages?

1 month ago (edited)
Entrepreneur, Neuwly

Thanks, Ian! I appreciate the positive feedback!

We’ve tested Neuwly with ~20 guides from all over the world. It’s been so much fun seeing people list from places like Netherlands, Italy, Paris, California and more. The positive feedback we get is that the approach and simplicity is something guides love and feel a need for. The other feedback we get often is the need for immediate usability so new downloaders can interact with pieces of the app right away rather than wait for the next event they’ve booked.

It’s been so much fun getting feedback from guides because it helps us solidify some our assumptions as well as destroy others allowing us to adjust our approach and features based on the front lines.

1 month ago
Content & Community, Travel Massive

Sounds like a good idea. Any plans for making this available for Android users?

1 month ago
Entrepreneur, Neuwly

Thanks, Maria! 100% plans for that 😃

1 month ago
Photographer, Travel Blogger, Tour Operator, Photography Teacher, Triple F Photo Tours

Hey Steve - will reach out when I am back from my travels - glad you got on the platform :)

1 month ago
Entrepreneur, Neuwly

Thanks for the recommendation, Amina!!

1 month ago
Owner & Content Creator, Got the Passports?

Thanks for the tip! Just added a hello to my video as well.

27 days ago
Entrepreneur, Neuwly


26 days ago
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