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World Views Discover travel blogs, vlogs & podcasts about any country

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Pick a country and World Views will show you blogs, vlogs, podcasts about your destination. You may also search by language, specific creators or content type.

👉 Are you a travel content creator? Add stories about countries you've visited.

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Founder, Travel Massive

Hey Kaushal, thanks for sharing your app, and well done creating this. I explored the app and really enjoyed discovering some new travel content creators I hadn't seen before.

How often are you updating the data, and what criteria are you applying for content that you're listing?

2 years ago
Travel Blogger, Exotic Gringo

Thanks a bunch, Ian! Glad you found it useful.

Currently manually sorting, cleaning and updating data weekly.

Curating content based on authenticity, quality and uniqueness.
Trying to keep it as diverse as possible with regional content and language based search, for example.

Plus, anyone can submit their own content or their favorite creators' content which I'm currently manually approving after basic checks.

2 years ago
Content & Community Manager, RaizUp

Looks cool! I love the interactive website as well, which shows you how the app looks like.

I have plenty of content for Bulgaria from my blog so I may submit a few articles later 🙌

2 years ago
Content & Community Manager, RaizUp

@Kaushal, when I try to submit content, in the Passport holder section it only gives 3 options (India, Pakistan, USA) - is that intentional. Is the app open for content creators from other regions?

2 years ago
Travel Blogger, Exotic Gringo

oh absolutely! I just started populating the database with creators from these countries first. will add in the rest as well. Just added Bulgaria and Russia for now :)

2 years ago
Content & Community Manager, RaizUp

Awesome! Just added my posts. :)

2 years ago
Co-Founder, Go Ask A Local

Hey Kaushal. Enjoyed poking around in the app today. Nice interface and easy to use. Do you plan to index the blogs/bloggers according to certain characteristics to give the option to filter in order to facilitate relevant search?

2 years ago
Travel Blogger, Exotic Gringo

thank you Manny! :) glad you are enjoying the app. Currently, filters allow you to sort content by language, media type, passport ownership and destination country. I keep trying to improve things based on feedback and ideas, so if you feel there should be some more parameters, I'd love to explore that as well!

2 years ago
Travel blogger, traveltheworldclub.com

I've tried to submit my blog details online via my PC. I am a UK passport holder but there is no option for the UK. I cannot submit without selecting one of the limited 6 countries it offers as options. Please advise

2 years ago
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