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Roxanne Bamboat
Food & Travel Blogger, Content Creator, The Tiny Taster
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I'm currently the Chapter Leader for Mumbai at Travel Massive. I'm a writer based in Mumbai whose main interest are Food and Travel. I express my love for all things edible along with all my travel tales on my blog -
A freelancer in my profession, I'm able to spend most of my time sampling the city's food offerings and reviewing them. More often known as The Tiny Taster, I've decided to take the world by storm - one plate at a time!
Apart from my own website I write for various publications and lifestyle websites as well about food and Travel. My dream is to explore the world and write about my culinary and travel tales.

I've won an award for the Best Culinary Travel Blog for the past 4 years by popular vote as well as Jury of my peers. I've hosted many food based events including the UpperCrust Food & Wine Show which I've done for 2 years in a row. I'm the co- curator of the Food Section at the Kalaghoda Arts Festival which is a massive festival Mumbai and has a great interaction with chefs and well known personalities from the food industry. The Food section of this nine day extravaganza is created, curated and hosted by me.

I work extensively with the travel community that includes tourism boards, airlines, hotels and various travel companies and tour operators.

This is one of my favourite quotes & something that seemed quite fitting - "Wanderlust, I'm in love with places I haven't been to and people I haven't met yet ."