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UnPack Once, travel slow and feel like a local
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November 2022
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UnPack Once and slip into your destination like a local, with on-site UnTours Hosts on hand to make your trip smooth. Support local businesses and cultures along the way.

Powered by its unique style of offering all the fun of independent travel in places like Tuscany, Provence, Ireland, Spain and across Europe, with the planning, service, and on-site support of a tour, UnTours pioneered slow travel and focuses on supporting local communities.

UnTours began in Switzerland, expanded to over 25 destinations over the decades. In each destination, guests settle into their community in a private villa or apartment with the help of a friendly local UnTour Host, who helps them decide what all to see and do, manage logistics and smooth out practical details.

๐Ÿ‘‰ Why UnTours?
Since 1975, we have been finding the best apartments in Europe: scoping out the most appealing locations in a region or city, partnering with accommodations that meet our rigorous standards, and cultivating relationships with local hosts.

๐ŸŒŽ UnTours Foundation
The UnTours Foundation supports entrepreneurs and businesses that create solutions to poverty, injustice, and the climate crisis. We make debt and equity investments into a diverse group of founders and companies that have built positive impact into the DNA of their business models.

Learn more about UnTours Foundation:
Learn more about what an UnTours is:

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CMO, UnTours &

Hey Travel Massive community!

I'm Richard, the chief marketing officer of UnTours.

Slow travel has been cited multiple times recently by international organizations as a way forward to mitigate climate impact and support cultural preservation. Important new research reports are coming out soon that will reiterate and expand on these findings.

I've been working on these two areas my whole travel career, and feel that promoting the pioneering UnTours model is a practical way to reach more travelers with this better way to travel.

It's an honor to carry forward such an iconic brand in the travel industry - the world's first B Corp! I get up and go to work every day knowing that any success we have in the form of profits is going directly to the UnTours Foundation, the company's owner, to fund world changing entrepreneurs who don't have easy access to capital. How can you hit snooze knowing that?

4 months ago (edited)
Travel journalist and blogger, Spain by Hanne, Hanne Olsen

Hey Richard,

What an interesting project. Congratulations :-)

4 months ago
CMO, UnTours &

Itโ€™s been super interesting to get involved with this legacy. Thanks!

4 months ago
CMO, UnTours &

Weโ€™re actually in Sintra. And Porto. So this is your official notice :) Thanks for the interest!

4 months ago
Travel journalist and blogger, Spain by Hanne, Hanne Olsen

Lat me know, if you have interesting places in Spain, which is the place I work and write about :-)

4 months ago
CMO, UnTours &

We have interesting places in Spain, Hanne!
Aside from our Barcelona UnTour, we have trips in the Subbetica area, as well. Happy to chat more about it.

4 months ago
Event Organizer & Traveler, GlobalGaz

Excellent to see UnTours focused on sustainable travel while still focusing on protecting the environment. We need to evaluate the way we travel.

4 months ago