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Brad Pejcic
Founder, Made to Wander
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About me

Travel lover and Founder of Made to Wander. An app to find and share travel inspiration with multi-modal directions to every post.


  • What an adventure. 8 months on a bus with that many people must have been pretty trying but no doubt worth it! I remember asking you about the Darien Gap last year. Did it all go smoothly getting the bus on a container? Looking forward to checking out... show more

  • No problem at all. I was backpacking at the time and was more concerned about keeping costs down rather than staying anywhere nice. So we just looked out for locals at the ports renting rooms out or walked around a little to see what was available. They... show more

  • I have an iPhone 11. That is correct. Your eSim generally won't have a phone number (unless you get an eSim with a local carrier). But my carrier in Australia lets me receive calls and text overseas (just not send them myself), so I wanted to keep my n... show more

  • I just used Airalo for about 4 weeks in California. Didn't have any issues and way cheaper than using my regular service provider's international plan. Only thing that annoyed me a bit and it quite possibly could have been user error on how I set it up,... show more

  • I started writing a blog post for the Galapagos but never got around to finishing it. I was there a long time ago so I won't give advice on places to eat as this can change pretty quickly. But I can help with things to see and do. I assume you are isla... show more