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Galapagos Foundation
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February 2022
Promoting sustainability and conservation in the Galapagos Islands

🌱 Sustainable development of Galapagos through gastronomy and hospitality.

The Galapagos Foundation promotes the principles of sustainability and conservation through research, knowledge sharing and education, which are necessary to establish responsible tourism practices, and to preserve the nature and wildlife of these enchanted islands. It is directed by the gastronomer Luciana Bianchi, and it is the only of its kind established in the Galapagos Islands.

The goal of this non-profit organization is to prepare youth and women from Galapagos in order to create the hospitality and gastronomy professionals of the future in favor of the archipelago's conservancy.

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4 months ago

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Owner, TravGanic

I am heading to the Galapagos in March and would love to stop by

4 months ago
Assistant Manager, Golden Bay Galapagos

Hope you are going to San Cristobal island =), if you do so, you can contact Luciana by the email

4 months ago
Assistant Manager, Golden Bay Galapagos

We are located in San Cristobal Island. The restaurant MUYU and the Golden Bay Galapagos hotel are pilot projects of the foundation.
If you have any inquire, or want more information, you can write to


4 months ago
Founder, Yugen Earthside

This sounds wonderful!

4 months ago
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