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WeTravel Academy Free courses designed to help you grow your travel business

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Learn practical skills, gain actionable insights, and discover quick wins with the new WeTravel Academy.

πŸ“š New courses every month: Learn about business management, customer experience, marketing, sales, social media, how to organize an epic trip, and so much more through our upcoming courses.

πŸ‘©β€πŸ’» Free resources: There are no fees to access courses at the Academy. All the resources are readily available as and when you need them.

πŸ“ Get certified by WeTravel: Get a unique and printable certificate for each course completed and add it to your Linkedin profile, CV, or company achievements.

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Account Executive, WeTravel

Hi everyone! I'm Eileen, a sustainable tourism professional and Account Executive at WeTravel.com - our booking and payment platform helps grow travel businesses of any size. Our Wetravel Academy is available to everyone for free! It's a great resource for guidance and tips on how to market and grow any sized travel business - from small start-ups and retreat planners to tour operators and travel agencies.

2 years ago
Founder & Travel Planner | Airbnb Superhost, Global Game Plan

Looks really interesting - I will check it out!

2 years ago
Account Executive, WeTravel

Thanks Jenny! It has great resources for Travel Planners. Don't hesitate to reach out with questions.

2 years ago

Sounds interesting.
Are these courses ebooks, resources, and videos, or do you offer live online study by zoom or google meet as well?

2 years ago
Account Executive, WeTravel

We have self-paced courses (with video) and also have a wealth of ebooks, resources and videos. We do have live webinars as well. Our next one is " How to Protect Your Travel Company Online (Cybersecurity Training)" resources.wetravel.com/webinar-security-training-feb-21-2022

1 year ago (edited)
Account Executive, WeTravel

Hi Everyone, what do you think of the WeTravel Academy? Feel free to reach out with questions!

2 years ago
Brand/E-com/Tech - Hiring?, Irish Bootstrapper

I'm currently working through the Content Marketing for Tourism Businesses course with Talia with a view to increasing my specific knowledge to enhance my position for career opportunities.

Having done a degree level in Tourism Marketing already, this WeTravel course niches down with recent and relevant scenarios, providing a very insightful and thought provoking learning.

Although this particular course is not super long time wise, there's a lot to take in and it sets the ball rolling for further research and learning (which is great!). :)

1 year ago
Content Specialist, WeTravel

Hi Eugene! I worked on creating that course so I just wanted to say thank you so much for the feedback. Talia is super knowledgeable and we're so glad you found it helpful (especially when you already know so much about Tourism Marketing!) Let us know if you have any other feedback or ideas!

1 year ago
Brand/E-com/Tech - Hiring?, Irish Bootstrapper

Hi Morgan. You're welcome. And thanks for your reply, will do.

1 year ago
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