Fairbnb FAIR alternative to conventional holiday-rental platforms

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Fairbnb.coop gives both travellers and locals the opportunity to participate in a more responsible and sustainable tourism model by supporting social and ecological projects for the local communities.

Like other platforms, Fairbnb.coop charges a 15% commission fee for each booking on our platform. Unlike others, we share it with locals. 50% of the platform’s fees are used to fund a local, social project in the visited area, while the rest is used by Fairbnb.coop to maintain our network and operations. Or in other words:

🙋‍♀️ The host earns the same.
🤝 The guests pays the same.
🌎 But the benefits are for the whole community.

We work to connect conscious travellers with fair hosts to promote stronger, more sustainable and equitable communities all around the world. This is what we call Community Powered Tourism.

Let’s change tourism - one booking at a time!

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Co-Founder / President, fairbnb.coop

Hi fellow Travel Massive members,
I am one of the co-founder of fairbnb.coop and the current President of the CO-OP that powers the project.

We started to elaborate the seminal researches that would later lead to fairbnb.coop in late 2015, in Venice, while assessing the hidden social costs of indiscriminate growth in the tourism industry in places like my hometown. From research to the proposal in 2016 when we discovered that a similar group also named fairbnb was emerging in Amsterdam - we soon paired up and fast forward to 2018 we had a fully viable business model, funds and the will to start our adventure.
We launched our working beta in 2019, just a few weeks before COVID and it's been a wild ride since BUT we are alive and kicking and rebooting the project with a lot more enthusiasm and funds than we were able to collect during the pandemic.

With the experience and resources accumulated now is the time to really go ahead full steam and we are reaching out to the various communities we are part of to present our concept and to seek partners and ambassadors worldwide.

We have also set up a free simple crash course that you can follow by registering to our community at social.fairbnb.coop - If you are interested to know more about us beyond what you can find on the website and maybe you are interested to work with us that's the perfect entry point.

Feel free to ask any question here, where me or my colleague Rudi will answer in the comments or reach out at info@fairbnb.coop

2 years ago

We love what Fairbnb created. Well done! Congrats from Hidden Lemur.

2 years ago
Co-Founder / President, fairbnb.coop

Likewise and thank you for the mention in your blog !!!

2 years ago
Founder, Travel Kollekt

Such an amazing iniative to build a business for doing good!

2 years ago
Founder, Business Development, Painted Circle

Emanuele, I've just been diving into your site and this is great. I'm working on a similar project for activity providers and would love to connect with you.

2 years ago
Tour Guide, Cape Town Cannabis Guide

Awesome 🔥

8 months ago
👋 Welcome to the Travel Massive community!
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